Muse Salon prices reflect the client demand and years of experience for individual hairdressers. Unlike other salons we do not charge by hair length.
Director/Master Stylist

Women $95

Men $60

Senior Stylist

Women $85

Girls 12-17 years $60

Girls under 12 years $40

Men $50

Boys 12-17 years $45

Boys under 12 years $40

(See T&C below)

Fringe Trim

Regular clients. Complimentary

Casual $15

(See T&C below)

Retouch or Global colour

Retouch or Global $99


partial foils (up to 10 foils) $99

Half-head $160

Full-head From $215

Retouch or Global with foils

Partial $182

Half-head $215

Full-head $265


All Lightning Services Include Toner if needed

Toner Refresh $66

Correction, Creative Colour & Balyage
Lighten and Tone from $155

Colour Correction By consultation

Balyage & Painting By consultation


Dry Style

Dry Shampoo & ghd Curl, Smooth or straighten $20 (15 min)

Express Blowout

Express Basin Cleanse, Dry & ghd curl, Smooth or straighten $40 (30 min)

Muse Blowout

Cleanse, Blow-wave & ghd hot tools if needed $55 (45 min)

After Colour Service Blow Out

Blow-wave or ghd tool styling $35



ABC (acidic bonding concentrate)

Redken ABC Treatments are intense, customisable treatments that target the individual concerns of your hair. ABC Treatment not only works internally this system can visibly reverse surface damage in a single treatment! ABC offers outstanding nourishment for your hair. $45


Redken hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment for dull or damaged hair, frizzy hair, and colored hair as well as moisturizing hair masks that help to soften hair. $25

Or add on with any other service. $15

Terms & Conditions

All Girls and Boys haircut pricing on Saturdays and after 5pm weekdays will be charged as Women and Men haircut prices, due to high demand during these hours.

Complimentary fringe trims are not available on Saturdays and after 5pm weekdays, these will incur are $15 charge after these times.

All pricing can be reviewed and be changed at the discretion of management.